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kellaGirl goes PINK,
kellaGirl goes PINK,

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<%About news, graphics, stories.. Just to entertain you! Contact me at>

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Im sorry guys,


but I take a little vacation!


Kisses Kella.

Posted: 17:56, 24/6/2007
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type: Emotions for your msn messenger.

at: 'Graphics'.

started at 21 / 06 / 07 : 21 June 2007.


O my god, this emoticons are sooo great! Do you also wanna enjoy it? ..

Here they are:





Lots of  and kisses,

Posted: 11:03, 21/6/2007 in Graphics
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Little story!

type: little story about a talentshow.

at: 'Stories'.

started at 21 / 06 / 07 : 21 June 2007.


Here a little story!

it was a big day for Ellen and her friends. They goes to a talentshow! A very, very big talentshow for girls like her. Her band calls 'Enim': Ellen, Nina, Isa and Merel. They were always searching for someone who could be the D, so they could be 'Denim'. But they never found her.. Now they were at the show. First was there another band: 'Umbrella Drella'. They all had an umbrella and dance with it, just like Rihanna. It was also the song 'Umbrella'. The Jury liked it very much and gives them the form '8.2'. Now was it time for Enim to go.. Ellen go to the microfone. 'Uhm..', she says. 'were gonna sing 'I Will Be There'. Enjoy!'. Ellen started to sing. If you're feeling.. not so well.. give a call.. or ring the bell.. when the weather.. looks so awful.. when the sun.. cames down to fall.. Everybody was very, Very quiet. When 'Enim' was ready, everybody scream and they had a very big applause. The Jury gives them the form '9'! At the end, 'Enim' win the talentshow and then someone goes to there band.. 'Hello, my name is Demi.', she says. Ellen was sure: She was the letter 'D'..


Hope you like it.


Lots of  and kisses,


Posted: 01:02, 21/6/2007 in Stories
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News in music world.

type: VJ and Kelly Clarkson .

at: 'News'.

started at 21 / 06 / 07 : 21 June 2007.


How do I get rich? Get your swimming clothes, Jump to a man-magazine and come at the cover.  Yes, that's the way how VJ - Miljuschka gets €11.300,-! But she doesn't keep all that money to herself, she gives it to a good project or something


Have you seen Kelly Clarkson's new video, never again? Its a good song!  The clip is from her new album named 'My December' (a diary of Kelly's live last two years). She's very proud at it. So, Girls and Boys and Its, I can't wait!


Lots of  and kisses,

Posted: 01:01, 21/6/2007 in News
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Best clip of this time!

type: Best music, best clip.

at: ''Music'.
started at 20 / 06 / 07 : 20 June 2007.


We all love Music.  Now I choise 2 musicclips: One for the best video (of this time of Course) and one for best music.. Of this time. And the best clip is..:



30 seconds to mars - From Yesterday!


The clip is so original, very good! The boys are invited by a queen in .. Japan? and they come to that place and give a big concert. The clip is a little bit.. strange, but beautiful.


And the best video from this moment goes to..



YEAH, Rihanna - Umbrella!


This is thé hit. 'Under my umberella, ella, ella, hee, hee!'


This was it for this time!


Lots of  and kisses,


Posted: 10:05, 20/6/2007 in Music
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